Sapienza University of Rome / Full Professor Department of Architecture and Projects (DiAP) / Associate Researcher UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape (CUPUM)


Alessandra Capuano is an architect and professor at the Sapienza University of Rome. Her research field is the urban landscape and its relation to contemporary architecture. After having obtained a Diploma in Architecture (Sapienza, Rome), she completed a Master of Science in Historic Preservation as a Fullbright Scholar at the University of Columbia (New York), and a Doctorate in Architectural Composition (Rome, 1991).

She conducts research within the Department of Architecture and Design where she manages the BABELE. City, Architecture, Nature laboratory. The laboratory’s work focuses on themes concerning architecture and the city in all its forms. Cultural heritage and historical urban landscape as collective resources were the themes of a series of studies conducted by Capuano, such as Paesaggi dell’archeologia, Regioni e Città Metropolitane (PRIN 2009). Attentive to the multiple forms of the urban and its qualities, she has concentrated on environmental sustainability and active lifestyles through the discussion of infrastructures and mobility. She shares her vision on these themes in La città come cura e la cura della città (PRIN 2015), Lifestyles and urban enhancement in health prevention (2014), and Lifestyles and City of the future (2013). She was also responsible for research contracts for the Region of Lazio and the Province of Rome. With the Authority of Appia Antica Park, she has conceived and organized the International Design Workshop Il Parco e la Città - Il territorio storico dell’Appia nel futuro di Roma in 2011. Furthermore, she is responsible for a bilateral agreement with the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape of the University of Montreal, with which she conducts research and teaching activities through international workshops since 2003 (Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Republic of Korea, China, Japan, Canada, Brasil, France). In parallel, she is also associated with the Landscape Innovation Laboratory at the same university.

Since 2018, thanks to funding from a European call for proposals, she has launched the Erasmus Joint Master Programme in Architecture, Landscape and Archaeology with the University of Coimbra, University of Naples Federico II, and the National Technical University of Athens, which she directs today. Capuano is the coordinator of the Doctorate in Landscape and Environment of Sapienza University, where she is a member of the faculty council since 2011. Currently, she teaches architectural and urban design as well as contemporary architectural research theory as part of Sapienza’s five-year curriculum. In the past, she was a lecturer as part of the Degree in Architectural Science and the Master in Architecture and Urban Planning at La Sapienza. She has taught as a contract and invited lecturer at many North American universities (Cornell University, Penn State University, Ohio State University, Monterrey Polytechnic, California Polytechnic, Northeastern University, Toronto University, Pratt Institute, University of Montreal) and at Roma Tre. Moreover, she was responsible for architecture-related exhibitions and debates and has participated in multiple national and international conferences.

Alessandra Capuano has held numerous institutional positions as Chair of the Architecture and Landscape field of the architecture faculty of La Sapienza (since 2014), member of the council of the Department of Architecture and Design (from 2013 to 2015, and then once again as of 2018), member of the National Agency for the Evaluation of Research in Architecture (VQR 2011-14), and peer auditor in the Evaluation of the Products of Research (VQR 2004-2010).

Alongside her academic career, in 1992, Alessandra Capuano co-founded—with Orazio Carpenzano—the Urbanlab architetti associati architecture firm where she has led, up until 2010, design activities by participating in contests and by obtaining prizes.

She was the editorial coordinator of Annale DiAR and is presently director of the series Et Paesaggio e Ambiente from Aracne in addition to being a member of the scientific committee of the Colecciòn Poliédrica series from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya/Ediciones Asimétricas, Projects For from Aracne, Paesaggio Città Infrastrutture from Franco Angeli, and the Paesaggi con Architetture series from Jaca Book. She also holds the titles of Member of the Scientific Committee for the architectural magazine AND, and Member of the Advisory Council for Ardeth magazine, which deals with architectural theory.

She has written more than 100 publications, part of which are books, essays and articles. Among these books, she is the author of Temi e figure dell'architettura romana 1944-2004 (2005), Iconologia della facciata nell'architettura italiana (1995), co-author of the volumes Roma e l'Appia - Rovine Utopia Progetto (2017), Il Parco e la Città - Il territorio storico dell'Appia nel futuro di Roma (2013), Roma città mediterranea (2007), Il "realismo costruttivo" per una banca moderna (1996), and Italia gli ultimi trent'anni. Guida all'architettura moderna (1988). She has also edited Stili di vita e città del futuro (2020, with F. Morgia); Cinque temi del modernocontemporaneo -Teorie e pratiche dell'architettura (2020 with A. Lanzetta and B. Di Donato), and Paesaggi di rovine e Paesaggi rovinati (2014).