Workshop Atelier Terrain

Urban Design Workshop 2007- Imagining the Place d’Armes

20 — 27 October 2007

  • Description

    Presentation of the project

    The City of Montréal, in partnership with the Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine, is organizing an urban design workshop from October 20 to 27, 2007, in preparation for the redevelopment of Place d'Armes, a project included in the three-year capital plan and to be carried out as part of the 2005-2008 Agreement on the Cultural Development of Montréal.

    What is a design workshop?

    A design workshop is an ideation and design process most often used upstream of the commission to explore new ideas that will serve to enrich the reflection and will subsequently be integrated into the realization programs. Through its participatory nature, the workshop is also a concrete means of applying open and transparent urban planning. As both a planning and consultation tool, this process is therefore particularly appropriate for urban projects of a public nature and constitutes a communication exercise conducive to the development of shared visions.

    The design workshop (often called "Charrettes" in France) is a user-friendly and dynamic process that takes place in a limited time (more or less a week), during which teams of designers from different disciplines are invited to develop strategies and design proposals for a given site. During the course of the workshop, various activities can be organized to foster interaction and communication between elected officials, government officials, developers, designers, invited experts and the public.

    Objectives of the design workshop

    As examples from here and elsewhere demonstrate, the urban design workshop is a thought accelerator whose repeated use helps to forge a culture of creativity and develop a pedagogy of quality.

    Moreover, by proposing a form of public action that introduces the idea of foresight and encourages public participation and commitment, the urban design workshop is a process that is directly in line with a sustainable development perspective.

    More specifically, the creation of the urban design workshop "Imagining the Place d'Armes" aims to encourage :

    • the renewal of the way we see this square, which is highly emblematic in Montréal's history;
    • the redevelopment program's enrichment for the project;
    • the participation of residents and the community in the redevelopment program's definition;
    • the recognition and influence of Montréal;
    • UNESCO City of Design.

    Teams of Designers

    Interdisciplinary teams of designers are made up of professionals in the field of planning (architecture, design, urban design, landscape, town planning), plus at least one designer from the field of communication or the arts (examples: visual artist, photographer, videographer, etc.).

    Each team is completed by a designer from Berlin and a designer from Buenos Aires. In addition to each team is an intern, a young Montréal professional in planning or design, selected by Design Montréal.

  • Team

    • Alan Knight
      Professor University of Montreal
    • Randy Cohen
      Architect Atelier Big City
    • Anne Cormier
      Architect Atelier Big City
    • Howard Davies
      Architect Atelier Big City
    • Daniel Pearl
      Architect L’OEUF Architectes
    • Jean-Jacques Binoux
      Landscape Architect Version Paysage
    • Alain Martel
      Industrial Designer Tak Design Industriel
    • Tamzyn Berman
      Graphic Designer Atelier Pastille Rose
    • Raoul Hesse
      Architectural Lighting Designer Lichtvision
    • Tomás Powell
      Architect Summa & Barzon / Editor Summa & Barzon
    • Claude Cormier
      Landscape Architect Claude Cormier & Associés
    • Marc Hallé
      Landscape Architect Claude Cormier & Associés
    • Gavin Affleck
      Architect Affleck de la Riva
    • Raphaelle de Groot
      Artist N/A
    • Ulrich Beckefeld
      Architect Open Studio Architecture (OSA)
    • Diana Cabeza
      Architect Estudio Cabeza / Urban Designer Estudio Cabeza / Artist Estudio Cabeza
    • Micheline Clouard
      Landscape Architect Vlan paysages
    • Julie St-Arnault
      Landscape Architect Vlan paysages
    • Annie Lebel
      Architect Atelier In Situ
    • Stéphane Pratte
      Architect Atelier In Situ
    • Mauro Bernadini
      Architect Plan Arquitectura
    • Marin Churba
      Designer Tramando
    • Alexandra Martini
      Designer Martini Meyer
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  • Partners

    Other partners

    • UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape (CUPUM)
    • City of Montreal
    • Ministère de la Culture, des Communications et de la Condition féminine (MCCCF)
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