Workshop Atelier Terrain

WAT Landwork 2012 (Sardaigne, Italie)

21 May — 1 June 2012

  • Description

    The UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape at the University of Montreal (CUPUM) is a scientific partner of the LANDWORKS_Sardinia workshop. This international event was co-founded by the Alghero Faculty of Architecture of the University of Sassari (Italy) and the UNESCO Chair. For over 4 years this Italian institution has been an important partner of the international network of the CUPUM.

    LANDWORKS_Sardinia is a graduate-level annually-held workshop aiming to produce in situ landscape installations, which are either ephemeral or permanent, to enhance and promote the development of a historical mining area, in this case, the Geomineral Park of Sardinia, recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site. This park, which constitutes an open-air museum, currently requires the implementation of landscape projects to incite the regeneration of its large cultural territories and outstanding natural and rural open spaces.

    A creative activity in its own right, LANDWORKS_2012 is a fundamental component of this UNESCO heritage site’s territorial action planning. The 2012 edition included 6 professors/designers and 100 participants from around the world (students, design professionals, specializing in landscape architecture and architecture). The UNESCO Chair was present with 4 masters’ students of the Faculty of Environmental Design of the University of Montreal.

    This second edition of LANDWORKS was held from May 21st to the 1st of June 2012. After 10 days of intensive work, this creative assignment led to 6 landscape installations under the supervision of 6 invited international professors/designers. The 100 participants chose their supervising professor to create a landscape installation within one of the 3 selected sites: that of the Monteponi, the Montevecchio and the Ingurtosu-Naracauli in south-western Sardinia (Refer to the website:

    It is important to note that LANDWORKS is directly connected to the UNESCO Chair (CUPUM)'s mission of contributing to the education, awareness, and support of elected officials, experts, and citizens by supporting forward-thinking actions to ensure the sustainable development of local communities and their territories. Furthermore, the UNESCO Chair's involvement in LANDWORKS affirms its willingness to support innovative approaches that express cultural dimensions (ref.: Heritage/design and planning practices) and sustainable development (ref.: 2012 Rio Summit and/or Agenda 21 de la Culture – MCCF). This initiative fully promotes culture as a structural component of the planning, management, and development of territories.

  • Team

    Direction pédagogique
    • Philippe Poullaouec-Gonidec
      Professor Emeritus École d’urbanisme et d’architecture de paysage / Associate Researcher UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape (CUPUM) / Membre fondateur UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape (CUPUM) / Chair of Landscape and Environment (CPEUM)
    • Laurence Aubin-Steben
      Student University of Montreal
    • Christine Robitaille
      Student University of Montreal
    • Audrey Lavallée
      Student University of Montreal
    • Jacinthe De Guire
      Student Faculty of Environmental Design
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    Other partners

    • UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape (CUPUM)
    • Chair of Landscape and Environment (CPEUM)
    • University of Sassari
    • Master en urbanisme paysager méditeranéenne
    • Université de Caligari
    • Centre de la biodiversité de la Sardaigne
    • Université des technologies Thonburi de King Mongkut’s (KMUTT)
    • École d’architecture et de design de King Mongut’s (SoA+D)
    • Commune de Arbus
    • Commune de Guspini
    • Province de Medio Campidano
    • Société Italienne Minière (IGEA SpA)
    • Région autonome de la Sardaigne
    • Parc Géominéral de la Sardaigne
    • Goethe Institut
    • Fischer
    • Tarthes Hotel
    • Sciopadroxiu – Restaurant et Camping
    • Legambiente
    • Arci
    • Foresterie de Sardaigne
    • Département de la protection civile
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