Call for applications: Research agent in EDI


The UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape of the University of Montreal wishes to recruit a research officer expert in the field of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) in the realization of a research contract within the framework of its ESPACE EDI project. The date of entry for this position is July 11, 2022, for a total duration of fifteen weeks. The workload is approximately 10 hours per week for a total of 150 hours.

This project, designed by the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape at the University of Montreal and the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute (Mila), aims to increase equity, diversity, and inclusion in public space by developing a series of algorithms to identify and redevelop problematic public spaces.

Research question

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the leading role played by public space in increasing quality of life. However, it has been made clear that public space is not accessible to everyone in the same way. Designed primarily by and for members of dominant cultural groups, public space does not offer the same comfort to individuals from vulnerable and marginalised groups. However, an inclusive design of public spaces is essential in creating sustainable and resilient cities.


As part of this initiative, participants will be asked to assess various elements of public space based on a corpus of images of Canadian public spaces. The recruitment of 50 community participants is planned as part of this initiative. A differentiated analysis method is mobilized by the research team in this case, using a self-identification questionnaire to increase knowledge about feelings of alienation and isolation as well as the possible dynamics of exclusion in action. To further the research on the impacts of diversity markers on the perception of public spaces, the person selected will be working on the following mandates:

  • Definition, documentation, and application of recruitment strategy aimed at specific minority groups.
  • Creation of a self-identification questionnaire.
  • Definition and application of maintenance and conformity protocol.

For information:

Myriam Guillemette
UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape at the University of Montreal
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