Quebec’s Minister of Economic Development and Innovation to Support Social Innovation Project from the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape


The social innovation project ”ESPACE ÉDI”, aimed at increasing equity, diversity and inclusion in public space, has received support from Quebec’s Minister of Economic Development and Innovation, as part of the call for social innovation projects – Artificial intelligence at the service of social innovation. The call aimed to support social innovation projects which mobilize artificial intelligence to support the development of new and innovative solutions addressing collective needs and specific social issues.

The project, led by Shin Koseki Dr.Sc. (Assistant Professor at the School of Environmental Design and Director of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape) with the collaboration of Gauthier Gidel, (Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Sciences and Operations Research at Mila), Myriam Guillemette, Ph. D. (Researcher at the UNESCO Chair) and Hugo Berard (Doctoral student at Mila), aims to develop a series of artificial intelligence algorithms. The purpose of these tools is to assess the degree of equity, diversity and inclusion of public spaces, and to propose solutions for their redevelopment in order to make them more inclusive with regard to different minority groups.