The University of Montreal promotes AI studies at the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape


Sarah Tannir, student in the Faculty of Planning, has received a grant from the University of Montreal to work on artificial intelligence for her master’s thesis at the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape under the direction of Shin Koseki. The grant, awarded through the Dean’s Office of the Faculty of Planning, will be used to further the research of this promising young researcher on the impact of the intelligent city on mental health, and on technological solutions that can help reduce depressive and anxiety disorders in urban environments.

This encouragement of young researchers in AI research is part of a broad policy of the University of Montreal to make the institution a world leader in the field. It is also within this framework that the UNESCO Chair is developing expertise in the field of AI in planning and design through a series of research projects conducted with several partners, including Mila, IVADO, the University of Zurich, the Max Planck Society and EPFL.

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