Shaz Jameson joins the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape as a Mila Visiting PhD


At the UNESCO Chair, Shaz collaborates with Prof. Shin Koseki over a whitepaper on ‘AI & Cities’, for UN-Habitat and MILA. This forms recommendations for the use of AI by city managers across the world.  As well as the scientific coordination of the white-paper, they are writing on the global urban perspective and translating and framing technical insights for the practice of city managers.

Shaz is a social science researcher specializing in adaptive governance for a digital society. She is a PhD Candidate in Data Governance at the University of Tilburg and is part of the Global Data Justice ERC research project. Her research investigates the implications of data innovation in public sector governance of smart cities, with a special focus on Singapore. An agile enthusiast, Shaz is curious about how to design process for the things we value.