Workshop in Rome on the applications of AI in art and design


Shin Koseki, Myriam Guillemette and Miryam Parent, respectively Chairholder, research agent and research assistant at the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape participated today, at the request of the Max Planck Institute for Art History – Bibliotheca Hertziana, in the first workshop pertaining to the applications of artificial intelligence in the fields of art and design. The UNESCO Chair team presented a preliminary literature review on the integration of generative adversarial networks (GAN), an emerging technology of AI, in art and design. 

Under the title Gan4Creativity”, this literature review is being conceived as an open project in which researchers, artists and citizens are invited to contribute continuously to the state of knowledge relating to the applications of generative adversarial networks in the fields of art, architecture, and design.

This review also contributes to the AI + EDI Public Space project which is piloted by the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape with the collaboration of researchers of Mila – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute. This research project aims to increase equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) quality levels of public spaces using AI technologies such as deep-learning and generative adversarial networks.