Special mention at the C40 Students Reinventing Cities competition


The jury for the Students Reinventing Cities competition, which was organised by C40, has awarded a special mention to the redevelopment project of the Faubourgs area led by a team of students jointly supervised by Professor Nicole Valois of the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture of the University of Montreal and Professor Shin Koseki who also holds the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape. “The UNESCO Chair insists on promoting student initiatives” comments Florian Satger, research assistant at the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape and member of the winning team.

In its proposition, the team has put forward the idea of a neighborhood that is better adapted to issues relating to an ecological transition, social equity, and the preservation of the urban and natural landscape. Guided by the concept of network roots or “rhizosphere”, it aimed at creating a project which values prevailing conditions and favors the deployment of social, cultural, environmental, and economic interactions. The project would then allow for a rethinking, within a sustainable development framework, of the neighbourhood’s most emblematic places such as the CBC House and the Molson Brewery. 

The interdisciplinary team was comprised of students of the University of Montreal of varying fields, namely landscape architecture, industrial design, architecture, urban planning, political science and civil engineering. For students of the master’s program in landscape architecture, this project followed a year-long study of the Faubourgs area.

The team was composed of Ève C.Desnoyers, Jasmine Melançon, Olivia Duchesne-Raymond, Svetlana Kaioukova, Mauricio Garzon, Hamadi Ben Hamouda, Clara Guillemin, Amandine Alcidi, Chloé Henri, Andrée-Claude Paquette, Florian Satger et Francis Laforest.

The jury was comprised of Patrick LeBire (Groupe Sélection), Daniel Arbour (Groupe MACH), Olivier Légaré (Ville-Marie borough, City of Montreal), Joël Courchesne (City of Montreal), Isabelle Baraud-Serfaty (Sciences Po Urban School, Ibicity), Cécile Faraud (C40), Charles Ormsby (Arup Group).