UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape collaborates with Montreal’s Bureau of Design


In response to the call made by the city of Montreal, aimed at promoting the culture of design, the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape will be developing an online platform which will promote the exemplary character of small-scale projects in the fields of architecture, urban design and participatory planning. This initiative is being partially funded by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec and the University of Montreal’s techno-social innovation program.

This platform will provide the best practices in terms design to citizens who apply for a construction permit, city workers, members of planning advisory committees as well as individuals engaged in participatory planning processes. To do so, the UNESCO Chair will create a platform which will put forward small construction and renovation projects accompanied by designers and projects created through processes such as participatory budgets led by the city and its boroughs.

The UNESCO Chair intends to carry out the project according to a co-design process which directly involves the targeted audiences in its conception. The Bureau of Design of the City of Montreal will therefore play a leading role in this project by supporting and advising the UNESCO Chair.