A project presented by Shin Koseki at the Venice Biennale


The project «Soil and Labour» in which Shin Koseki participated in is being presented as part of The Biopolitical Garden exposition, located in the main pavilion of the Venice Biennale exhibition. The exposition puts forward a variety of large-scale projects pertaining to field of urban design developed by the Laboratory of Urbanism of the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, where Shin Koseki served as a post-doctoral fellow and a scientific coordinator.

The project «Soil and Labour» proposes a redevelopment plan for the Greater Geneva area, the city’s Swiss-French transborder agglomeration. Commissioned by the Braillard Architects Foundation, the Greater Geneva proposal reflects a desire by political, professional and academic circles to define a sustainable development strategy for the township and its region.

Directed by Professor Paola Viganò, «Soil and Labour» results from an interdisciplinary collaboration comprising urbanists, architects, landscape professionals, designers, soil scientists, economists and social science researchers. It also integrates the work carried out by students within the context of the urban design workshop of the EPFL’s Master of Architecture program.

Biopolitical Garden exhibition panels presented at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of Venice, Italy

Photo: Shin Koseki