Shin Koseki talks urban and political polarization at Cadre Bâti podcast


Shin Koseki was a guest of Cadre Bâti in order to discuss his past and future research on the political polarization between cities and countryside, the urbanization of large rivers and other topics of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape. The podcast, which has been recorded on April 22, was published online on May 1, 2021.

In an informal discussion with the two hosts, Guillaume Ethier and Emile Forest, they looked back at his experience in Switzerland, the UK and Singapore, where he conducted his doctoral research work. They also talked about the state of urban and political polarization in Quebec and across other western nations. Shin Koseki had completed a PhD thesis in 2017 on the polarization of local communities over the Swiss direct democratic systems.

Cadre Bâti is a scientific communication podcast that focuses on urban research and design. The podcast is funded by the Quebec Research Funds through the Ville-Region-Monde research network.