The UNESCO Chair (CUPUM) and the Chair in Landscape and Environment (CPEUM) highlight Patrick Marmen’s unique contribution to their scientific development


After nearly 10 years of close and fruitful collaboration as a research advisor at the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape (CUPUM) and at the Chair in Landscape and Environment (CPEUM) at the University of Montreal, Patrick Marmen opens a new dimension to his career. Since the beginning of October 2020, he has joined the team of the Bureau de design of the City of Montreal as a design commissioner.

On behalf of all the members of the research teams, collaborators and project’s partners that he has worked with over the years, we would like to thank him warmly for his sustained commitment and his important contribution to the advancement of the projects led by CUPUM and CPEUM.

His initial engagement within the framework of the YUL-MTL International Ideas Competition: Landscapes in Motion, will have allowed Patrick to develop a unique niche as a professional advisor in various urban design and landscape architecture competitions within the CUPUM. Thus and by way of example, he was closely involved in the realization of the Landscape Architecture Competition for the creation of the Jardin du Québec as part of the International Horticultural Exhibition in Qingdao, China in 2012. He will also have played a key role in the production of various editions of CUPUM’s flagship activity, namely the Workshop Atelier / Terrain_UNESCO, including the editions of Binzhou (China, 2014), Sao Paulo (Brazil, 2015) and Évry (France , 2017).

Within the CPEUM, Patrick has participated in numerous research projects in partnership with various ministerial, regional and municipal partners. He has been heavily involved in landscape characterization studies and in setting up the Landscape Innovation Laboratory that the CPEUM shares with the CUPUM. His more recent involvement in strategic vision development has allowed him to showcase his expertise in social innovation approaches in urban design.

Beyondhis involvement in research, Patrick has maintained a teaching activity in various programs in landscape architecture and urban design thus ensuring the promotion of research among undergraduate and graduate students.

Inview of his remarkable contribution to our research teams, we are grateful for his great work and wish him the best of success in these new functions at the City of Montreal.