The Sid Lee Architecture fund is created to support the scientific mission of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape (CUPUM)


Montreal, October 17, 2019 – 16 years later, the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape of the University of Montreal (CUPUM) takes a new step forward thanks to the philanthropic support of the Sid Lee Architecture (SLA) agency.

As part of the renewal of the CUPUM, this donation from SLA is very significant. It is an extraordinary lever for the next five years that will aid in the:

  • deployment of research/action/creation axes linked to UNESCO programs in Human and Social Sciences as well as Natural Sciences involving the network of scientific cooperation from different regions of the world;
  • support of the next generation of graduate students in landscape and urban design thanks to the substantial bursaries and awards of excellence that will be granted each year;
  • showcasing of interdisciplinary and intercultural knowledge on the international stage, while ensuring the transmission of knowledge among the key stakeholders in city planning via an inclusive and supportive dialogue.

With this donation, Sid Lee Architecture is clearly confirming its attachment to the societal values upheld by UNESCO, and its will to give the UNESCO Chair of Urban Landscape the means to successfully complete its quadrennial research mandate.

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