Competition for the creation of an urban park on the Olympic Stadium site


In the spring of 2012, the Chair in Landscape and Environmental Design was commissioned by the Advisory Committee on the Future of the Olympic Park to conduct a study on users’ landscape experiences of the Olympic Park and the pertinence of holding a design competition for its redevelopment. The topic of the study corresponded with one of four themes—the other three being governance, sports, and tourism—that had been identified by the Committee following public consultations on the future of the Olympic Park.

The final report of the Advisory Committee on the Future of the Olympic Park was released on December 13, 2012.


  • Research Management
    • Philippe Poulaouec-Gonidec, Chairholder (CUPEUM)
    • Sylvain Paquette, Full Professor
  • Research Agent
    • Patrick Marmen, CPEUM
    • Valérie Gravel, CPEUM