Presentation CUPEUM

The UNESCO Chair on Landscape and Environment at the University of Montreal (CUPEUM) is a scientific organization that provides research and higher education on urban and landscape development. To meet the diverse challenges of preservation, enhancement and development of urban landscapes in different parts of the world, it relies on Workshop_Atelier/Terrain (WAT). Every year, in collaboration with an international network of over 20 academic institutions, CUPEUM helps cities resolve problems of urban development - redevelopment of neighbourhoods, industrial and suburban areas - through implementing visions of development in cooperation with local communities.

Conducted in Europe, North Africa, Middle East, Asia and North America, WAT_UNESCO allow for transdisciplinary and multicultural reflection. The WATs generate concrete development proposals for each host cities. This CUPEUM "flagship" activity contributes to strengthening inclusive international cooperation dynamics.

All of CUPEUM’s scientific activities focus on the internationalization of knowledge through academic solidarity, faculty and student mobility, as well as the engagement of local and national governments. The recent collaboration of Quebec’s CUPEUM with the City of Montreal within the framework of "Montreal, UNESCO City of Design" serves as a good example.

CUPEUM contributes to education, awareness and supports elected and municipal experts, governments and citizens in developing landscapes and the quality of urban living environments. In implementing these objectives, it directly contributes to building bridges between academia, civil society, local communities, research and political decisions. As such, it participates in education for the sustainable development of cities.

Through its activities, CUPEUM has created a diverse scientific network to meet the international character of contemporary issues of development and landscape management. CUPEUM’s scientific network is a place of solidarity and inter-university exchanges. CUPEUM promotes knowledge sharing, teaching experiences, bilateral and multilateral research (seminars and projects). This with the effective support of partners from countries in North America, Europe, North Africa, Middle East and Asia.

The active cooperation of CUPEUM’s international network makes it a center of excellence and innovation in urban development (ref.: urban design) and the preservation, enhancement and development of urban and suburban landscapes.