UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape is recruiting two research assistants for the fall 2021 semester as part of the DALIA project


The UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape of the University of Montreal is developing a social innovation project assessing the degree of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) of public spaces (DALIA). Led by Shin Koseki, Assistant Professor at the Department of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture and Director of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape, the project also includes the collaboration of Gauthier Gidel, Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Sciences and Operations Research and Hugo Berard, Postdoctoral fellow at the MILA. This project aims at creating an AI algorithm based on Generative Adversarial Network (or GAN) technology that assesses the degree of EDI of public spaces from photographs. This is turn will further the research on the nature of what makes space public according to EDI principles, and how computer-generated images can help improve EDI in the design process.

The Chair is seeking to recruit two research assistants with the student community of the University of Montreal. Two positions are being offered, comprised of 100 hours each. The deadline for applications is August 27, 2021.

Link to the description of the first position (literature and projects review):


Link to the description of the second position (image database building):


Link to the application form: