The Sustainable Development Objectives of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations at Work in the Faculty of Environmental Design Master’s Students’ Projects


Montreal, April 24, 2019 – In an interdisciplinary teaching context, the first-year students of the master’s programs in Landscape Architecture and Urban Design presented, on Tuesday, April 23rd, the results of their reflections on the future of the sector known as Secteur d’emplois du Plateau Est. These students presented five strategic planning visions for this urban neighbourhood in requalification before a jury of elected officials and representatives of the Plateau Mont-Royal, of the City of Montreal, and of professors from the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture.

One of the jury members, Mrs. Marie Plourde, Borough Councillor of the Mile-End district, President of the Commission sur le transport et les travaux publics, and member of the board of directors of the Société de transport de Montréal, expressed that she was “impressed by the quality of the proposals and by their depth” and considered the students to be “sowers of hope”.

These five visions, developed under the direction of professor Philippe Poullaouec-Gonidec (Director of the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape) as part of the urban landscape workshop, enabled to test—as much in terms of values as in terms of city planning criteria to promote—the application of certain sustainable development objectives from the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations. These planning strategies also proposed innovative points of view as relating to urban design in the face of local issues and, more broadly, issues associated with the territory of Montreal.

This field-based learning is a valuable initiative that demonstrates the importance of City/University cooperation. This cooperation took advantage of the knowledge within the City of Montreal, the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture of the University of Montreal, and the UNESCO Chair in Urban Landscape (CUPUM).

Following the project presentations made before to the City of Montreal in early May 2019, the projects of the master’s students in Landscape Architecture were exhibited at the Plateau-Mont-Royal library in order to share their ideas with the general public.

Proto credits: Philippe Poullaouec-Gonidec, April/May 2019