CUPUM’s work highlighted in UNESCO’s Global report on Culture for Sustainable Urban Development


We are pleased to inform you that two of CUPUM’s projects were highlighted as best practices in UNESCO’s Global Report on Culture for Sustainable Development. The selected case studies target two research projects conducted in partnership with the City of Montreal: the”>“Building Montreal UNESCO City of Design” initiative (2006-2012) and WAT_UNESCO – YUL/MTL Moving Landscape (2011).

The UNESCO global report was adopted yesterday during the Third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development (Habitat III – UN-Habitat) in Quito (Ecuador).

For UNESCO, these projects demonstrate our ability to build on “design and creativity to stimulate urban regeneration through collaborative planning” (see p.111 – Case Study 44 –

We are very pleased that the relevance of our actions is acknowledged by UNESCO in this global report that supports the importance of culture in the sustainable development of cities.

Moreover, they demonstrate the importance of the involvement of universities in the future of cities, a partnership that we want to strengthen in the coming years both locally and internationally especially through WAT_UNESCO!